Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rooster Sauce have finally released their brand new Zombies of the Ultra League long-player into the wild. The thing clocks in at well over 30 minutes, features most of their best material, and is a loud, clear, excellent representation of what this outfit does on stage. It's pretty exciting for us at KBGA because this group features bass-thumping by long-time KBGA 9AM-12:00 PM Fridays DJ Adelaide Mermaid, also counts Chris "Count" Knudsen, Dave Jones (ex-Herman) and Havre Dave (most recently from Streetlight People, who also just self-released a real stellar piece of work).

Lyrically, the music seems to center around front-dude Knudsen's fascination with Italian Horror films, John Carpenter films, and little else. It's the work of a fan who's made a film-obsession interesting to others, and that's a somewhat rare feat. Who would've figured that a band from Missoula, Montana in 2009 would be channelling Kurt Russell's Jack Burton character from Carpenter's Big Trouble In Little China released in 1986? Not me. Though, I guess if you told me this was a Chris Knudsen project, I might have guessed true on a T/F test.

The LPs are beautifully hand-silk screened, stamped and numbered and the first run was limited. Request it on KBGA and look for copies when the band plays live (often) and at Ear Candy Music.

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