Thursday, April 30, 2009

Doc at the Proverbial Radar Station, Dude. I.E. Come Rock with KBGA!
Joe Kingdom and his mighty manatees of metal, Kingdom of Magic make a one-night only "domer/stoom" stop in the Garden City, May 7th at the Palace. The terms "stoner" and "doom" are totally overused, but may be some of the best easy descriptors of the epic sheets of sound the Kingdom are responsible for. KOM has been a band for scaring the heck out of 4 year, are vets of a couple Total Fests and have been on the road promoting their newest, and first vinyl release. We're looking forward to partying with the lads.

In other, much more immediate news, the wild-Japanese of Ghost steer their star-ship into the welcoming arms of Missoula this Saturday night! This group is nuts and this is as epic a show as you're likely to see all year. Opening up is (former Missoulian) Jamie Henkensiefken's new group H Is for Hellgate and our very own Rooster Sauce. Last but hardly least, the Sauce are dropping a beautiful BRAND FREAKING NEW 12" record! It's called Zombies of the Ultra League, features a spot-on loud and raucous Club Shmed recording, and Aaron Farseth screen-printed cover. Dagg is right. The KBGA connections run deep in Rooster Sauce, as you should know. Both members of the rythym section are DJs and long-time station supporters. Come out and hear their first rate tunes first hand, and buy a record~ That's this Saturday, May 2nd at the Badlander.

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