Thursday, May 13, 2010

While this picture would make it seem like mssrs. Justice and Parker were taking part in some kind of Desecration Ritual (or something equally sinister) this is actually a photo from KBGA's innaugural open-to-the-general-public meeting! I think these guys were getting some cheez-dip or cruidite...

Anyhow, at the end of April KBGA opened its doors and heart to the public at large, and among other things, heard some great supportive words from long-time listeners and supporters about the important role the station plays in providing an independent source of music, news and ideas. Most of the crowd comprised folks with some kind of direct station connection, with the exception of Charles Martin, an awesome photographer who's documented a ton of Missoula's live music scene on his Flickr page. Some of us discussed the awesome role KBGA plays in offering a venue for local music to be played and find support, and expressed intrest in developing a broader vision for the station, beyond what's traditionally been around. Folks discussed the importance of maintaining an informal "use KBGA to learn, make mistakes and figure out radio" vibe, but also discussed the possibilities for creating and archiving some of the station's unique content.

KBGA has gone through its annual new-hiring process, and if you're interested in seeing who comprises the student staff, have a look at the main website, good ol'

And what all else here... KBGA is sponsoring Total Fest (August 19-21)again this year, and specifically, is responsible for underwriting the travel of Brooklyn psych lords ONEIDA! Whoa. Be there.