Wednesday, December 16, 2009

THE BUGS: Two Men, One Mission.

The mission
the Bugs are on is to write some of the most gut-twisting, no pretense rock and roll music you'll find in the western hemisphere. They get compared to the Urinals whose vibe is certainly untuned in the instrument department, frantic and a little spastic too. That comparison, is about halfway right, the other half is that the Bugs are their own awesome deal, they write brilliant songs, play from their hearts and damned if I don't well up a bit when they bust out a love song.

I first remember meeting Mike Bug when he was roadying for Last of the Juanitas. Mike would get up on stage and sing Big Eyed Space Girl with the band, when they were essentially an instrumental group. The guy's got unique, awesome pipes and it's awesome he's got the bugs to rock with.

They've got a new record out called Barbaric, Mystical Bored and KBGA's got a copy, ask for it by name, friend.