Friday, February 27, 2009

These Are Powers: Missoula-bound, March 6.

Shuuuuucks, yes! On March 6th, the noise-punk power-vessel of (somewhat unterrifically named) Brooklyn rockers These Are Powers docks at Missoula's ZACC Basement, 235 N. 1st West. If you wanna hear what the ruckus is about, head over to theirspace or listen to Missoula's only source of loud, wild rock and roll. 'BGA, 89.9 FM! Pat Noecker, who formerly bassed-0ut for the Liars, is the slightly balding fellow on thunder broom in the band photo.

The show's all-ages-welcome, $5 and music of this quality's a rare site this time o' year. Bridgebuilder, Knot Knocked Up, Deny the Dinosaur and Electric Dandelion apply the localism.

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