Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Eddy Current Supression Ring:

There are a couple of things to immediately like about the Eddy Current Suppression Ring: 1) they formed on sort of a lark, to play some music for the Christmas party at the record pressing plant where they all work; 2) the singer has a vocal delivery sort of reminiscent of one of my favorite rock and roll singers, Bon Scott; and 3) their songs are short, neat packages of well-constructed rock and roll music.

Sounds like a kind of clinical examination of what's more of a visceral thing... I really like this band for some reason, and like most good things, I'm not positive why. Something about the challenge of writing an entire album that does its job well in about a half hour, and that leaves you singing songs like My Ego Got the Best of Me. I hear all sorts of power pop and proto-punk goo all over the place. Stuff like the Celibate Rifles, Replacements, the Real Kids, and the Jam all come to mind.

Their wikipedia entry tells the story, and lists their discography. Domestically, the Goner record label has just released their Primary Colors record.
Thanks to Goner and the band for getting us both their debut CD, and their most recent release! Both are excellent examples of modern rock and roll played with an ear for the best of the past. Terminal Boredom did an interview with them after their 2007 U.S. tour, you can find that here.

Other things in the KBGA new pile of note: Quintron: Too Thirsty 4 Love, Usaismonster: Space Programs, Pierced Arrows: Straight to the Heart and the Paranoia 7", Touchers: Blithe

We'll be asking for your support for KBGA this January during our annual RadioThon. Talk to you soon--

Fun fact: Speaking of Australia, and its people: the word "aussie" sounds like "ozzy", not "ossy".


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Collin Pruitt said...

nice write up, i'll have to check these guys out