Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Faces for Radio: The KBGA Team Hurls Urethane
Here are some photos of the 'Beej crew bowling
(DJ in Training, Dane Hansen)

(top score, Tim Donahue: 127) tonight. That's right. When they're not busy keep the airways ripping with Missoula's only source of anything but crap classic rock, bad screamo, commercial country or baroque, these folks devote an entire DJ meeting to the slurping of suds and chucking of balls at pins. Ahem!
If you need more convincing, simply look at these photos:

To quote Homer Simpson: "U.S.A!"

As a reminder: KBGA is bring Health (L.A./Love Pump
(Niki, the "Sectretary" Promotions Lady)

United) on Monday, November 17th at the Palace lounge and Times New Viking (Columbus/Matador) to the Badlander Wednesday, November 19th and Aids Wolf (Montreal/Skin Graft) to the Badlander on Wednesday, November 26. COME ON!

More of the Crew!

(Tim and Junie (above) Travis, below)

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KBGA said...

I feel I've got to set the record straight. That "high" score of 127 was quickly bested upon the arrival of the Fleege Brothers, with Mike rolling a game in the 160-170 range. I'm pretty sure they were in a Chicagoland Bowling and Brats League with these guys before moving out here: