Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why Aren't You Listening to the Jesus Lizard?

Hey Kids,

Rod Powers here, you might know me from my work on LA Law, Jake and The Fat Man and Hanging' with Mr. Cooper. When I'm not doing loads of coke and banging hookers I like to stay up on what's hip in the music world. KBGA has asked me chime in every so often to submission you jerks into liking what I like.

So my first order of business is to spread the word of The Jesus Lizard. If you don't like them or haven't heard them before than you're like Sonny Corleone to me "DEAD". This band could have possibly done more coke than me and Corbin Bernsen combined. So take some time out of your boring day and listen to The Jesus Lizard. Now!!

Love You Baby.

Rod Powers

Jesus Lizard Youtube Video links down low.

The Jesus Lizard "Nub" Video

The Jesus Lizard "Wheelchair Epidemic" Live

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